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Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
do this, then shows up unannounced at the board of elections to pick up petitions to seek reelection. >> reporter: why are you running, mr. mayor? >> because i love to serve. >> it wasn't until this evening following an appearance at a world's aids day vigil mayor vincent gray publicly acknowledged he's running for reelection. >> i think i have an excellent record and i'd be happy to talk about it. >> reporter: does this move mean you believe you're clear of any fbi probe? >> it means exactly what it is, that i am going to get my signatures to be eligible for reelection. >> mayor gray never liked long campaigns. he has but one month to collect the 2,000 signatures needed from d.c. voters to get on the ballot. that should not be a problem for an incumbent mayor explaining the shenanigans and illegalities from his 2010 campaign could prove to be a really big prable. >> in 2010 the mayor -- problem. >> in 2010 the mayoral campaign was compromised. >> reporter: u.s. attorney ron mecham never accused gray of wrongdoing, but several others have been indicted for paying off another candidat
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >> mayor gray is determined to talk about his successes after the election since the campaign that got him there. >> i have said that repeatedly, bruce. >> radar showing showers back from detroit into chicago. notice everything is moving north and east. it's going to stay away from us now. we'll be tracking showers tomorrow and tracking winter precipitation over the weekend. >> the republican-controlled house has passed a 10-year ban on plastic fire arms that can evade metal detectors and x-ray machines. >> and the senate could vote on the bill monday, just hours before the law expires the very next day. >>> this was quite a day for the dc police department. one officer in the hospital tonight with a gunshot wound. and tonight, another is behind bars. >> earlier tonight, mulla leggy talked to kathy lanier about another officer facing child pornography charges. >> reporter: it was officers from this building in the seventh district who arrested washington, after he was accused of possessing and creating child pornography. >> we had an officer who was sworn to protect the public, and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2